SOMA Group plans to develop, build, own and operate a hydroelectric power plant with an estimated capacity of 100 MW, under PT Soma Power Indonesia in Bongka River, Ulubongka District, Tojo Una-Una Regency in Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This project aims to provide electric power supply to fulfill the electicty demand of the Suluttenggo’s electricty grid system and particularly the Central Sulawesi province. 

The Bongka Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) is located between Paranonge and Uetangko villages. It is about 450 km from Palu City, the capital of the Central Sulawesi region.

The Group, under PT Soma Pewer Indonesia, undertook the Pre-Feasibility Study to ensure whether the Bongka River has the economic potential to be developed as a HEPP by an independent power producer. The investigation began in November 2015 and the pre-feasibility study was completed in December 2016.
The Bongka HEPP is designed to build a dam and reservoir on the river and aimed to generating a maximum power iutput with capacity 120 MW. Gross energy production of the Bongka HEPP is estimated as 698,515 GWh/year.
Project Location Map
[Source: PT PLN(Persero)]
Project Dam Site & The Bongka River
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Project Site Survey & Investigation
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